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Mer 09.03.2022

The advantages of Isoplam® stamped concrete floors

Stamped concrete floors are the perfect solution to bring new life to your floors or to renovate your garden flooring.

Isoplam offers you a wide range of products ready to meet your every need, from renovation to the new application of a stamped concrete floor. Here’s everything you need to know about stamped concrete floors, to better understand the areas of use.

Stamped concrete floors: what they are and their advantages

First, what is a stamped concrete floor?

As the name suggests, stamped concrete is in effect a layer of fresh concrete, which is spread on a substrate. Afterwards, before complete drying, applicators spread the colored hardener based on the design chosen by the user. The chosen motif can be of a geometric and abstract type, or it can aesthetically reproduce other types of materials, such as porphyry, marble, brick, stone, wood, etc.

The advantages of this type of flooring are obvious. Among the main ones, we find: 

  • shorter construction times, the laying of stamped concrete is much simpler than the construction of traditional stone or terracotta flooring
  • excellent resistance and durability, typical characteristics of concrete

Furthermore, the reduced thicknesses allow you to create this type of floor even directly above the existing flooring, saving further time for installation. Finally, the surprising aesthetic result that this material allows to obtain should not be underestimated.

How is a thin stamped concrete floor made?

Isoplam stamped concrete floors creation starts from the application of a special primer on the existing screed.

If the screed has a smooth surface, this should first be scarified, to make it suitable for applying the primer.

Then, we move on to the application of the natural gray Plam Overlay system and colored Plam Hardening with a thickness ranging from 1 cm to 2.5 cm.

Then it's time to apply a special-colored release agent on the surface. At this point, the surface is ready for actual molding, which will give the floor its final appearance. Once the surface has been finished with Isoplam's dedicated tools, the flooring is washed with specific detergents. Finally, the protective resin is applied.

Now, your new low thickness stamped concrete floor is ready!

Outdoor floors in stamped concrete

Isoplam solutions for stamped concrete floors are also suitable for the construction of outdoor flooring. In fact, a printed concrete floor allows simulating a wide range of traditional surfaces in an extremely realistic and personalized way, even in contexts where it is not possible to cast concrete. By doing so, you will be able to create your outdoor flooring with a porphyry mold, stone, slate, tile, wood, marble or other theme, containing thicknesses and costs, but with an excellent aesthetic result.

Furthermore, the low thicknesses of these printed floors guarantee high resistance to compression, abrasion, and fire.

Stamped concrete floors: maintenance and cleaning

Once you have created your new stamped concrete floor, you will wonder how to keep it perfect over time.

How do you protect concrete floors?

You must know that stamped concrete floors do not require particular maintenance, apart from the normal cleaning that is carried out on concrete surfaces. All you need is to wash it with a pressure washer and concrete detergents, as usual. In fact, printed concrete floors are protected by the resin finish that is applied at the time of application. The latter allows the floor to be resistant to bad weather and wear in general.

How much does a stamped concrete floor cost

How much does stamped concrete cost per square meter?

As with all finishing materials, the cost varies according to the type of decoration to be created and the colors chosen. As a purely indicative, stamped concrete floors have a cost that can start from about 70 € per square meter. Anyway, you must remember that this price is subject to variations based on thickness, customization, and the chosen materials.

Do you want to know more about stamped concrete floors?

Discover our outdoor flooring solutions.

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